Pompeo, Lavrov hold phone talks over INF, Venezuela

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has had a phone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, reaffirming US stance on the Inte

rmediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty and Venezuela, the State Department said on Wednesday.

Pompeo told his Russian counterpart on Tuesday that the INF Treaty would terminate in early August unless Russia com

es back into full and verifiable compliance with the treaty, the State Department said in a statement.

Pompeo and Lavrov also discussed the situation in Venezuela and a peaceful transition to

democracy that is in the best interest of both the United States and Russia, said the statement.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that Lavrov warned Pompeo in the phone co

nversation that Russia opposed US intervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela, including the use of force.

Washington will face violations of international law if the United States intervenes, Lavrov told his counterpart.


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Valentine’s Day: Yes, men can be romanticong the trees at H

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I felt compelled to write an article to share my thoughts about the misconception that men in

general are unromantic. I hope that I can motivate members of the male gender to rise to the challenge of cor

recting that misconstrued assumption about their romantic notions or inclinations being nonexistent.

During research for my first book, I received a consensus from most of the women I talked to that the majority of m

en are unromantic by nature. As a man who considers himself to be more romantic, I went on a continuous journey to d

iscover the truth behind that misconception in an attempt to understand and rectify it.

I realized from my discussion with members of both genders that men and women tend to deal with romance in slightly different ways. Many women perm

it their hearts to control their perspectives when it comes to romance, while many men use their minds to deal with

the issue of romance. For many women, romantic gestures must touch their hearts deeply enough to awe them. M

any men, meanwhile, tend to evaluate those gestures based upon the impact that they have on their brains.


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France advanced to the top 10 markets where WeChat P

ay was mostly adopted for the first time since WeChat started tracking the data in 2015.

A Nielsen survey released in January suggested that 93 percent of Chinese travelers are likely to increase their spen

ding overseas if mobile payment is more widely accepted, which would consequently boost local businesses.

Alipay and WeChat Pay accounted for almost 94 percent of the count

ry’s third-party payment market, according to consultancy iResearch. The duo are ga

ining market share by making ambitious forays overseas where mobile payment is yet to mature.

Among the latest developments, Tencent is looking to work with more smart solutions and s

ervice providers this year to make the app function run as smoothly in foreign markets as it does in China, by in

corporating a variety of tools developed by third-party providers, said Fan Wei, overseas business director of WeChat Pay.


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WTO should play bigger role in global governancetate Coun

reign Minister Wang Yi has called for the World Trade Organization to play bigger role in global governance.

Wang made the statement at the 18th session of the consultations of the coordinators for the China-France Stra

tegic Dialogue with Philippe Etienne, foreign policy advisor to the president of France, in Paris on Thursday.

Wang highlighted China’s position in upholding multilateralism and the rules-based multilateral trading system with the WTO at the core.

Noting China supports for the reform of the WTO to increase its authority and efficiency, Wang said the core value and b

asic principles of the WTO as well as the direction of trade liberalization should remain unchanged.

The WTO reform should follow the practice of decision-making by consensus, and c

annot be dictated by a few, nor decided by an exclusive small group of Members, he noted.

Wang called for safeguarding the special and differential treatment for developing members in the

WTO reform, saying France should objectively treat China as a developing country.

Priority should be given to the resolution of the issue of Appellate Body member appointment blockage, he said.


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Beijing embraces first snow during lunar new year holiday

BEIJING — The wait is finally over after snow fell in Beijing Wednesday amid celebrations marking the Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year.

At about 9 am, light snow started to fall in suburban districts of Beijing, such as Yanqing

and Huairou. As of 10 am, more than 10 weather stations in the city had observed snow, a c

riterion for the municipal observatory to declare the arrival of the first snow.

This winter’s snow arrived particularly late, only fi

ve days away from becoming the latest snow on record, which happened in the winter of 1983-84.

Beijing has never had a winter without snow since the capital city started keeping weather data in 1951, according to Beijing News.

A mother and her daughter are excited to see Beijing embra

cing first snow at Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport, Feb


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Barcelona 6-1 Sevilla win the Western Kings Cupa win the We

At 04:30 p.m. Beijing time on January 31, 2019, the West King’s Cup went off and Barcelona hosted Sevilla. Finally, Barcel

ona won 6-1 against Sevilla, Roberto, Lakitic, Cutinio, Suarez and Messi and Guilherme Arana saved face for the visiting team.

Barcelona have not had any disadvantage in the league in the near future and are ready to play in the Ch

ampions League. The domestic cup has reached the quarterfinals, and Barcelona will not give up

easily. In the first round, Sevilla won 2-0 at home against Barcelona and accumulated some confidence.

Barcelona played a 4-3-3 formation. Roberto and Pique need to provide strong interception

ability in the back waist position. In midfield, Lakitic’s Offensive-Defensive transition is ex

pected. Messi, Cutinho and Suarez were in the attack position. On the other side, Sevilla has a 3-5-1-1 formation. The go

alkeeper is Soliano. The midfielders of Gervais, Amadou and Arana need to provide strong support for the front.

The referee whistled the beginning. In the 14th minute, Cutinio took the penalty! Direct run-up and h

it the door! The ball is in! Wooooow. 1-0! Barcelona’s midfield possession! Artur obliquely passes the ba

ll to Messi! Keep pushing the ball forward. Celesson kicked off directly with his big foot


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If China and the US fail to come up with a deal before the 90

day truce ends, tariffs on Chinese goods will increase to 25 percent, which, as many exporte

rs believe, will have a significant impact on bilateral trade. Increasing tariffs will also weigh on Amer

ican business, which purchases a sigificant amount of Made-in-China products every year.

The International Monetary Fund cut its global economic outlook and warned of the risks of trade disputes in January, and sai

d failure to resolve trade tensions could further destabilize a slowing global economy, Reuters reported.

“Proper handling of the d吖ivergence between China and the US not only impacts the two countries but also global econ

omic recovery,” Wei said, noting that the two sides felt the urgency to defuse tensions.

During the latest round of trade talks, the two sides touched on the trade balance, technology transfer, protection of intel

lectual property rights, non-tariff barriers, the services sector, agriculture and an enforcement mechanism.

As China-US relations are reciprocal, the US needs to make some good gestures to Ch

ina to make sure a trade deal will be reached, said Mei Xinyu, a research fe

llow at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation.


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Compared to Western countries such as the US and Japan, China

has seen services sector grow faster, driven by emerging economies, which also reflects the country’s economic restructuring, Bai Ming, a research fellow at the

Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, told the Global Times on Saturday.

China’s GDP exceeded 90 trillion yuan ($13 trillion) in 2018, of which the services sec

tor played the role as stabilizer, and the tertiary sector accounted for 52.2 percent of total economi

c activity, Ning Jizhe, head of the National Bureau of Statistics, told a press briefing in January.

Meanwhile, consumption contributed 76.2 percent to the overall growth, 18.6 percentage points higher than in 2017.

Spring Festival is also the first shopping spree for 2019.

China’s growing middle class, combined with the country’s generation Z, the generation born after 199

5 and the leading group in new consumption trends, are major driving forces of holiday spending.

“The spree is the peak season for tourism every year. When people en

joy holidays and family reunions, we’re at our busiest,” Guo Qing, vice president of Chi

nese online services provider Meituan and general manager of its hotel and domestic travel business, told the Global Times.

“The guardians of a better life” is also an honor for those who work over the holidays, he noted.


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We believe that victory comes at a price. Nowadays, Iran has

  ntiments it harbored 40 years ago. We are willing to pay to protect our territory, maintain security and independence.

  GT: Last May, the US announced its withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal and reimposed all the sanctions that were lift

ed under the deal. How do you evaluate this move by the US and how does Iran plan to respond?

  Keshavarz-Zadeh: The US should know that it is not the 18th or 19th century that one could sail to a country a

nd open fire to create fear. You should communicate with other countries in a respectful way.

  The US is pursuing unilateralism and “America First” policy. Since Iran signed the nuclear deal (in 2015), everything it pro

mised has been done. Inspections show that Iran has never failed to comply with the agreement. Therefore, the US wa

s just giving an excuse for its unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear agreement.

  GT: Because of the “special purpose vehicle”(SPV), a way for the EU to continue trade with Iran and avoid reimposed U

S sanctions, the EU was warned by the White House not to try to help Iran evade sanctions or they will fa

ce stiff fines. Do you think the threat from the US will affect the implementation of the SPV?


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n be one of the factors. Stomach cancer, and a number of

, are more common above the age of 50. While most cases of stomach cancer occur without a family history but approximately 10 percent of cases are clustered within families.  So, it is importan

t to speak with your doctor if you have a family history of stomach cancer in a close family member or more than o

ne case in the same family.  A strong family history of lobular breast cancer may also increase your risks.

Statistics also show that men are roughly twice as likely as women to be diagnosed with stomach cancer. People with Type A b

lood have a slightly higher risk of stomach cancer compared with people with other blood groups. And people from

an East Asian background (Chinese, Japanese, Korean),  Pacific Islanders, Hispanics and blacks have an increased risk.

Those who have previous gastric surgery and pernic

ious anemia – anemia caused by low levels of Vitamin B12 – should also pay more attention to that.

Screening for stomach cancer

Cancer screening is a way of testing healthy people before they develop symptoms to help detect cancer at an early

stage. Unlike colon, breast and cervical cancer, very few countries (with the exception of Japan and South Korea) have

population screening programs for stomach cancer. If you have risk factors, speak to a gastroenterologist or your fa

mily doctor about whether or not you would benefit from regular endoscopic checks for stomach cancer screening.


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